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Reprogram yourself, sponsors pay system and you pay them watching the commercials and buying their products when like or need!

The magazine this week, the leftmost of weekly magazines , publishes an article which puts the hammer in U.S. Senator Ted Cruz against obamacare , little SUS the former not so much a community leader obama , who tried to stop the onset of American socialization . The writer says that " a plan that expands a little, just a little , the coverage of public health in the U.S. " once said the most radical right U.S. is " against anything that sounds like income distribution or protection to the poorest . " Touché ! That is the question . Any distribution of " income " , that is, other people's money , money from those who produce INDIVIDUALLY , wealth is outright THEFT . For these people , then insist on it ? Because these people say there are only collective , where money is not something individual gain produced by an individual but a ' attribute of a community " , so if someone has more than another , it would not be in those little heads earthworm because that other more worked and what has not, but because there is an " imbalance " I , for these intelligences powerful , the balance has to be redone ( as if we live in anthills or termite mounds , etc . - as there are no bees and termites this is absurd and only increases poverty , nothing more ! ) and this is for them , with the ill-fated " income redistribution " ( all the bees in a hive has the same share of food, etc. . ) But, the reality is completely different from this deadly joke (I repeat : 300 million people died because of it , only in the USSR in 1920 morrerm 20,000,000 peasants starve! ) , Becomes nothing less nothing more than to take who produced or earned money to give to those who did nothing for it , the people who receive the scholarship rogue did nothing to receive unless you were born ... or put children in the world and , theoretically , send them to school and earn so that only this is , legally , a must! This madness was made ​​in the USSR and in the end gave the economy of the country , has been tried and failed ( even though this would continue being slutty , taking from one to give to others ! ) , It only decreases the wealth of those who produce and nothing leads who does not, because the logic of the universe does not. In Brazil today, there are towns where 98 % of the population of the bag and of course , no longer works in the farming and working is criminal ... I write this text is not praiseworthy intent , collective , objective material ( we are in the XXI century , it no longer makes sense ! ) But with the intention that the overtly commercial being stolen not sin objectively time fighting against it , because totally useless but to reprogram it , so as not to be individually concerned by it , avoiding to lose and the only way that happens is to Personal Reprogramming , so to recover what has been stolen , because the universe is not objec vo ( as Einstein said ) , but individual ( as shown Pribham and Bohm and neuroscience suggests ) , each lives in his personal universe parallel , which, being personal , can be reprogrammed so that you drew back and you recover comm Jutes what you missed . Reprogramming , it can be done ! And , also , { logical } a possible miracle , some of the fellows serve who became a beggar official who demeans living at the expense of others and resolve reprogram themselves and change their lives economically growing , learning to be productive , and if releasing it. I find it difficult - but it is possible and thus keep the door open system , but in the strict conditions set out here . It is a sucker idiocy , convinced by someone , give a penny to a " needy " (no needy - all humans are able to help aa total themselves , unless at least to survive . More , must produce value or Personal reprogramming buy ! ) If you are religious you can verify that your religion agree with what I say in Brazil , most are Christian , you must believe in your Bible that says in Matthew 6 : " Behold the fowls of the air , for they neither sow nor reap; nor gather into barns , and yet your heavenly Father feeds them . Are you not much more valuable than they ? " Matthew 6:26 - I mean , if you live naturally live like birds , can keep up, survive - but if you want to be rich , do not take the slingshot teco boys , nor be eaten by hawks, eagles and caracaras only reprogramming in Museiom , Internet , radio, TV . And then , " Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin ; And I tell you that not even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these . For So either the Bible is a slutty ( and even most atheists consider it a book , the less value ! ) Or every human being can take very good care of himself , from its interior ( the Kingdom of God , which in 17/21 Jesus says that " within you " ... ) so the distribution of income , even a real slutty one is against the economy and against the Bible What made ​​the U.S. a rich country was intransigent refusal to give money for free whoever wants to be even " poor " , etc. . And if you think that the poor in the U.S. is totally abandoando . No more lies. There are millions of people living on social assistance , the homeless Americans receive assistance dollars a month (which you can not rent a room , but kills hunger : American homeless have I- pod and pants Lewis legitimate ) but the guy has to take the shit . But without SUS and without Bolsa Trickster . Why ? Because when it encourages laziness that infects . It may seem that 154 reais per month be a pittance , but it is not . Imagine a guy who wins 154 without having to battle in the interior of Brazil . Lives in a house of wattle and daub ( " house wipe , make up a bamboo trellis and each side plays clay! ) , Pays no light, no water , do not buy clothes or gadjets , 154 is enough money , gives up to join ... ( and worse in the city , even in the field , who have spent working . has to buy a lot of clothes (which are spent at work, he has to perform minimally ! ) spent feeding , etc. ) A " family " to win 345 , worth more gas , but it light, and other valleys , but if the guy is lucky, one real restaurant ... will eat 30 per month will still 315 left to buy, how to claimed the woman on TV , a pair of designer ... slutty one with hodman of formal passing all day carrying a wheelbarrow and will retire with minimum salary , the same as the rogue gains did nothing when you retire at 65 to - just survive as scholarship , there. He and his wife , along with it goes a bill in 1200 , which gives practical to make a two-story house , where no one pays terrain or light (light- cat ) or water ( gatocedae ) or sewage ( plays by the same pirambeira ) or cable ( gatonet ) ... there are real mansions there, done that. It may seem a wonderful thing , but only decreases the national wealth , the institution that ended with the USSR . Besides being slutty with paying taxes , with who bought the house legally , pay electricity, water , TV ... 22,500,000 of the poor who pay this spree all around. Because I put it in the face ? Because it may be that some of those who bill understand that no work will be completely screwed , because the interior does not allow this . Pay with pain and suffering that the law of compensation is invincible . And decide to move to reprogram yourself , after reprogramming can be done by anyone ... But I would not put that text just for them because they will not believe me and those who fund them either. I write to those who pay the spree , the 22,500,000 , nothing else can do , because they have more political clout to change the whole thing , to the extent that that bill at the expense of them are much , about 180,000,000 and represent more than 50,000 votes, to elect any president and the majority of the chamber . There is no collective solutions , revolution , then ... no way! These 22,500,000 and their relatives are paying the spree and can do nothing ; theoretically are now the flavor of the month , commercially , personally and have no protection. Reprogramming up could save their lives and property, money , etc. . Collectively these 22,500,000 ( all people working officially , legally , employees , entrepreneurs , freelancers - most who took to the streets asking for change put in June in Brazil ) can no longer do , are lost . But individually can . How ? Reprogramming with staff . Reprogramming with staff you will NOT act in the objective world , but in terms transensoriais , in short " interior " - not material . ( There is no detail on such a text ... ) Rescheduling , nothing , no one , neither the State nor gangs , no institution can reach you or if they do not harm you, why not pass in terms of reprogramming , because working so only goal, why is invisible to reprogram eyes of living objectively ... are where they are . To productive today , around the world , all kind of producers of wealth are even loyal employees , entrepreneurs , freelancers , artists, athletes , only left them reprogram or die , literally. It's what happens to everyone who does not reprogram , sooner or later . If you are not a parasite official today , it can only reprogram itself . There is no other way . I did a post on putting the hammer murder of the road 8 year old boy killed by monsters vilely in Bangu . I was outraged .      Observing reality is that you have no solution in the objective world alone. All candidates are and take a shot at Avenida Rio Branco three o'clock in the afternoon - as the little boy who was shot in the street , in Bangu - so I was outraged !        I was outraged by the fact itself , of course , but my anger was more because there is this wonderful thing , little boys and anyone STILL light shooting on the streets are little boys or not , makes no difference , as it is absurd to people even serious illness , victim of accident with the Personal reprogramming available to all people ! Now EVERYONE can reprogram either the Museion , is the Internet , and have the control Experiential ! © ™ ® Everyone can randomly stop living at the mercy of fate, not knowing what will happen the next second !  JUST RESET UP !  How ? But COME TO Museion and reprogram UP ! And when it costs ? No, it is free . It's so paid as digital broadcast TV you receive in your home ( you pay for broadcast TV through the commercials you see ) . It is so paid when you use WIFI to connect to the web on Copacabana Beach ( you pay for with taxes that the city collects from residents ) How much do you think you would pay for a magazine or how Selections See , banking without the commercials ? See , This is season , are large colorful books filled with expensive graphics, the actual price was charged , would cost about 200 reais or more , by number . But you pay £ 10.90. However , those who are paid even the commercials! Why, then , the magazine is not free? Now , because the laborer has to make money. The R $ 10.90 you pay is the cost of distribution and to pay the laborers who have to live . SPONSORS About the Museion and Reprogramming are advertisers , M WHO PAYS THE SAME IS YOU , BECAUSE NO COMMERCIAL assists Museion , THE VIDEOS , THE INTERNET , THE BOOKS , THE CDS , DVDS IN , IN MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPER ALMAR - ALL WITH COMMERCIAL . So Reprogramming the Personal IS NOT FREE , but pays and pays well . How do you pay with commercials , her interior can understand that, listen to you and change your world , reprogram it as you need . But CONSCIÊCNCIA MUST HAVE THAT PAY COMECIAIS TUJDO and not try to cheat ! So, if you are smart and want to have great results , do Reprogramming Staff at Museion , the videos on the Internet , on TV and on the radio , so Recognize OUR SPONSORS THAT IS NOT THE ONLY OBERVANDO COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS BUYING THEM , WHY SO YOU WILL PAY A RESETTING AND WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE ! In TV , you may not even look at the commercial but in reprogramming , if not look to Personal Reprogramming will not work , because its interior will understand that you are not paying ! It is essential to at least look at the commercial and preferably buy something from advertisers ! ( Of course, if anything interests you, just does not make sense to buy buy buy ... if you are really interested ! ) Basically , the reprogramming is done in the Museion and in other venues, but can be made on telephone , the telephone switches , the radio , in TV , on cable TV , in books , CDs , DVDs , and in very special cases , can - thinking individual consultations for very special people , with costs also quite special ... of course ! And , anywhere , with the VMA ... Then , with the Autopilot, where the Interior acts without you ask the Interior , when necessary , protect or give the best to you without you even ask ! No need to tell anyone that uses Reprogramming you do not want - Reprogramming does not require a " profession of faith " , or rather , does not require you to take before the world can do Reprogramming m and Personal use, even secretly , quietly , since who pays seeing the commercials , and it matters a lot already , but if you can, if there is no impediment, shall disclose the Personal reprogramming bring can bring people to the system , even spend money on it , with propagated etc because so much is useful to other people about how they " score points " , so to speak along the inside , because it shows that reprogramming is important to you and so he begins to hear better what you ask Him ! And also , does the collective universe around a world actually better ! Why, then, already , even before you start , disclose personal Reprogramming and bring people with you to make Reprogramming Guys, you will see results ! The Personal Reprogramming does not ask or demand anything , can continue with their religion , their lifestyle , their sexuality , nothing is demanded , but to watch the commercials and reprogram yourself ! Today , how you live , ready to take shots of gangsters , to die of dengue , bankrupt , lose their spouse , children , life will always be a struggle without truce and without help, because now , at this moment , EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN TO YOU BECAUSE YOU DO Naa MINIMUM iDEA HOW THE WORLD WHERE LIVE and therefore not reprograms ! But , if you are in control of your parallel universe , because it reprograms not suffer , is not more struck by misfortune, by pain, death and starts to control life , do what you want what you need without limits ! A little boy reprograms not , of course . But their parents or close relatives of the reprogramming , yes . And as the little boy is unprotected , without Personal Reprogramming can all can reach this little boy and he takes the shot . Reprogrammed , no! Have children , people who love him? Reprogram yourself to avoid those you love light shooting . Dig? The Personal Reprogramming may be done in many ways ( on the internet, stream , online , in TV , on cable TV , on the radio , but the most enjoyable shows are ReprogramaSom with Personal Reprogramming ( for you reprogram your life live with Almar ) in Museikon deAlmar , every Saturday at 19h , ( we are studying open daily) 19h , free admission, but requires that between clothes as the time and place , no flip-flops , bustier , dug shirt , etc. , the Museion is not on the beach but in a family neighborhood , can not be different . Probably you will not go to his church in shorts and bustier , the Museion is the same thing - its interior will not take you seriously if you has come without taking yourself seriously , the Museion has to be something serious , formal - how to dress up leads to this, totally . The environment has to be familiar, but formal, safe, quiet . And always will . Although gay with music , joy , but without exaggeration. Restraint , control, essential . There is a rave and not a ballad ... No Show Reprogramming Saturday at Museion ( the ReprogramaSons (or õkovys ) are made with music , etc. . Shows are ) , asked if the boy should not have been protected if the interior it could not be protected if it to 8 years should protect themselves in terms of the Interior . Of course it should, but he and almost everyone was naturally unprotected ( the interior is programmed from the programming of personality and certainly the relatives of the boy not programmed to protect themselves from stray bullets shots , of course ! ) because they learned that it was an objective being , and thus its interior can not act , nor protect him and so he died too early - all who live the Myth of the Senses , fantasy given by the senses are so accustomed , boys or old .. . but if reprogramming , non- kid and not rescheduled . Also , I said that the killers , even if the vehicle 's interior , which left the boy to die for having received the message ( erroneously , of course ) it . boy would die , mostly by staying on the firing line of thugs , criminals or so will no longer pay for what they did , whether arrested or not ( as in the Bible , the King of Persia is used by the Lord as a means to punish Israel , it is nevertheless paying for , you did. like accomplices indirect but real criminals , who granted them ideological conditions for this, to teach that they were " victims of society " and that even though monsters were still " citizens " ... but I do not write for these , but for others who want to have a life of power , you may be subject to such antics should understand that to reprogram must get out of this , now.  But , as the former president " the concrete fact " (please , this is a joke , hardly anyone noticed because almost no reasons , almost all do not understand that there is no " concrete fact " , every "fact " as " event " is just something mentally observable and so is '' ABSTRACT " - never ... no concrete facts. Probably this did you mean " indisputable facts " or something similar ... ! Nothing against presidents who do not know the sense of concrete, but the reference is to the cleverness ( the greatest quality of this man probably is worthless for reprogramming ... Especially because what politicians do with Muggles just do not care , nor should interest reprogram it to me , simply because it is a waste of time , let them continue to do their "work " , give Cesar ( President ? ) what is Caesar and to God ( interior ? ) which is of God or .. reprogramming ! - this text in any way political combat , nor does partisan politics , it does not matter the reprogramming , even if these gentlemen want to reprogram yourself and pay what is asked and do the who indicated , are welcome , as any who comes to the Museion or watch online , on TV , etc . - reprogramming the pair is ALL human beings , without exception ... ! ! If you play with these facts is to illustrate what can be done with reprogramming , not to fight them or praise them , it does not tell me repeito ! what I always say and I repeat is that every person , whoever it is, who wants to reprogram yourself to do it , but knowing what to Personal reprogramming . Pets are not aware of facts and events , just survive - live . Humans can think of having even a " trip " , but "Journey" , is a process in time and any moron to think five second ( does not need Einstein for that) realizes that time is an illusion ( Einstein said , literally a friend " present, past and future are illusions , even if stubborn " ... ), and there is no time, facts and events that unfold in time , are not concrete but abstract . So , can easily be controlled by the Interior without any problem - if there is the right tool at hand ! But little heads earthworm can not think well , just say seemingly logical phrases like " never in the history of this country " means anything , it is to say that when a dog barks one , this dog never barked before ... the bark it is always something unique, different, even the barking before him , so say "never in the history of this country the dog barked so! " - which just means " the callus barked " - which is obvious .. . thus try to highlight anything with that phrase , like " never in the history of this country I left my car this morning " or " never in the history of this country I took a beating on the guy who flirted with my wife ! " or " never in the history of this country " anything ... " The reality is that you do not have solutions in the objective world alone. All are candidates to take a shot at Avenida Rio Branco three o'clock in the afternoon , a stray bullet that shot a thug in a police chase . Or die in a week by the dengue mosquito , or hit the pavement , etc. . etc. . - The list of possibilities of getting hurt , losing ( money, women [ men ! ] Heritage , etc. . ) , Suffer, die , is infinite ... Unless you have at hand to Personal Reprogramming and reprogram itself all the time , programming the VMA - with which reprograms itself everywhere and at any time , and even the " automatic pilot ' when his Interior , programmed by you , protects you from dangers . etc. . And there are no impediments of any circumstances . The Personal Reprogramming as business process as a program registered with the INPI , is necessarily open to anyone of legal age, of any gender, age , ethnicity , sexual orientation , religion - or no religion is irrelevant - the ( priests , believers , atheists , all are welcome [ as also , usually , to my knowledge , are welcome to medical , dental, law firm , appliance stores , sewing courses ! ) , dede that fasten the Terms of Use ! Nobody in the world should live without reprogram itself , simply because so runs the risk of arrest , something , get hurt , suffer, die. Not worth it! But , if you are in control of your parallel universe , in control of what he considers " his world " because reprograms not . If you are in control only happens to you what you want and what you want to happen to you , since it really necessary for you!  And that sentence is the one that gives all the security Reprogramming Guys, you do not run the danger of asking - and getting - something that makes it absurd or evil. Only be able to have that O is really necessary , so never enter into trouble with the RP ! As I said above , a little boy reprograms not , of course . But it is so important that I reiterate : their parents or relatives could reprogram itself and prevent what happened , yes . And, since the boy is deprotected , is reached. With Reprogramming , nothing could achieve this kid and he would not take the shot . Have children , loved ones ? Property, assets , business , a project , something that really worth ? Reprogram yourself and avoid getting lost , which defile ... Dig? Do not waste time , do not live more chance, stop aging , of being beaten "Destiny " - which does not even exist - will reprogram itself Is no direct costs , you pay with commercial , your payment and watch the commercials - if you ignore the nonsense about them not pay processes and will not result! Then only can reprogram the Internet , by telephone, radio, cable TV and the open . All paid for by sponsors , because you bought the products they sell , to give you a wonderful life , to know the news and be able to purchase products from our sponsors . You will have access to releases phones, cars, clothing , home .. not worth worth ? And moreover , have a wonderful life , reprogramming yourself ! ( No, the Personal Reprogramming is NOT against said " capitalism " ( capitalism is a pejorative term forced communist, created by Karl Marx , the guy who " fought " the workers ( proletariat means the offspring who had a large ( many children .. . !) a person who never work heavily, living first at the expense of a noblewoman with whom he married and died , almost destitute and then at the expense of Engels , the son of a capitalist ... we have something even today . reprogramming for Personal and Sofia 's Paradox entrepreneurs and non entrepreneurs whereas the second , of course , have to live necessarily at the expense of the first , when he tried to change it , gave over three hundred million deaths at least it is known . reprogramming the staff can not be against profit, against luxury (which produces many jobs for the first previously ) , against consumerism . consumerism Without passed immediately to the Neolithic , we lived in the same trees because the caves are already an evolution from the beginnings , we live in trees like apes . judgment no one wants that , unless the widows of collectivism that still exist - and they are many , the " income distribution " is tempting , both for those who believe they can - many, many people ( backpack ) : work , neatly obediently civilly - takes a lot of trouble ... " winning grace " is " much better ! receive as when who believe they can make productive pay the first , they want to receive , without doing anything , the fruit of the theft and the second to generate fame made ​​the theft - to be collectively recognized as a success . )  Come reprogram yourself and bring your entire family , your friends , and do not live more like now , at random, in the madness ... Bring your pastor ( will be welcomed - this is a business not church, we have nothing against churches , on the contrary, we are all in favor of its continuation , churches are very important in the world , his father , his father of his political saint ( his priest may make your faithful happier in their pursuit of divinity , with the help of Personal reprogramming and politicians can do a good job with the Personal reprogramming ) all people are welcome by the Staff is Rescheduling even libertarian . a Commercial Product for all .... Visit the Museion of Almar , watch the Youtube pages Reprogramming ( AlmarOCriador ) , Facebook ( Almar Reprogram or Personal ) watch the reprogramming weekly direct Museion , live (within the page or www.indoorshow . com) Or send the form if you want a more personal paid if your case is severe . Reprogram up the TV or radio ( find out here soon)

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Reprogram for me

Besides selling to Personal Reprogramming because I give these tips for free, here, even if I do not speak that should help? Simple, I'm tired of seeing people dying needlessly around, it's just a matter experiential toilet. Not good for me to see so much death. So I am trying to do good FOR ME! And, if not nail hunger (the opposite of generous) if not envious (the opposite of charitable!) Will understand that it will be good for you to reprogram me not to get hurt ... And you break, do not die, do not give bad. And it gives mujo well, at my expense, even though I paid .. Not a cheap? Reprogram in

Charity is not helping others and who is generous is not to be good for others ...!

Reading This Is Money in the medical program obama ( sic ) is generous , I took to mean that this sense that the journalist wanted to give generous term there is in Portuguese . Of course, everyone THINKS sense of the word is " a guy who helps others " , but NEVER WAS . So how many people think that charity is to help others not . Charity is the opposite of " pãoduragem " or mesquinhês . Charitable what is unfastened do not you call p & * & ¨ no , in terms of money . NOT a guy who helps others . Because univesalmente , always knew that " helping others " has always been a waste of time . Whenever people knew already difficult (if not impossible , we already have our personal contracts with spouses children , etc ) care yourself, so do not waste time with others who have to make do . Why then attempts to help people ? Because so many rascals pay in the state , churches , NGOs , parties , etc. . Who likes to help likes to pay taxes , help the church , the politicians, NGOs - all sterile and not producing wealth - the wealth of these institutions comes from fools who think that should help , donate . The word "tax " already says everything is TAX , by force , because you always lose . If everyone would still pay taxes slutty because you personally did not agree , but it's worse : there are always many more people ( hundreds of times ) that does not pay , and few who pay , well , you always lose . And it helps enough , do not you think ? You pays taxes , pays the family purse , asphalt streets , lighting, garbage , police, SUS ( all rogues use it without paying anything ! ) And much, much more ! Generous is the OPPOSITE of envious, so generous is the guy who is happy when someone has a success or have any good ... You can not help someone else (in the sense wrong to " be generous " ) because the other person is in the parallel universe of her personal and is not reachable by " help" . Help disrupts the helper - does not help the helped , because even if he received ( which never happens , just seems to get ! ) Pay for Double later and is the same . And perjudica what you think it hurts , because to donate , saying its interior is not to benefit themselves but to others . Your interior will kill you one day for it. In vain , for as we see, does not help anyone . When someone wants to help others , even being political, is just moronic . Why do I put these post? In the hope that you understand , once and for all, that their only hope is the Personal Reprogramming . With it , you wins it all , because it all happens in the objective world and the RP works out of the objective world , works inwardly Pulled ? This is a commercial - not self help .... or help ... Use Reprogramming and get rid of it all ! Google Tradutor para empresas:Google Toolkit de tradução para appsTradutor de sitesGlobal Market Finder Desativar tradução instantâneaSobre o Google TradutorCelularPrivacidadeAjudaEnviar feedback

No gosth, please!

Life is the most precious of all , in fact, unique. When someone dies , their world die together. All he knows , all with whom he lived , die along with him , because he was living in his Personal Parallel Universe . Today , there is a system that has developed a technology based on science, philosophy, teaching , with which you can control the level of interference and thus control up all the causes that lead to death , ie , diseases , accidents , crime and to the degeneration of the body. Today , we know that it is possible to develop what is now known as " negligible senescence " , when no longer decays , but rather , as with baobabs and turtles , is becoming ever more solid more mature . And yet, like jellyfish , hydras and other animals do , to complete a cycle , if there is an irreversible degeneration , back up and start over. What I have described are not possibilities, but choices . Why might this be so? Firstly, because there is no time : If the time does not exist , one can control the body degeneration , because it takes time . Secondly , we know that each person living in your personal universe parallel , which is maintained , modified and controlled by the Interior of the person and not by anything or be outside the person's awareness . It is a fact that there is no scientifically defined a universe absolute , positive , material , existing independently of the beholder ( this was , incidentally , that the " uncertainty principle " discovered , with Werner Heisenberg , around 1936 , that reality is altered by the observer , as Einstein proved that " reality exists only in the presence of an observer " - that creates logically . Accordingly , you know the world does not exist by itself, but because its interior there are creating the time , as the " drawing " in " quantum frames " as the frames of film , video , TV ... If these tables are changed , the reality is changed . a terminal cancer misdiagnosis becomes a bankrupt firm suddenly grows rapidly enriches a poor person , a person sees his way feíssima become the fashion of the moment ... everything can be changed in your personal world without limits . inclusive , not die. 'Cause if anything can be changed , death also be avoided . The big problem is that there is a big Industry of Death . People at birth are already taught that should die , everything dies - but this is not true , the colony of quaking is a big tree that looks like a forest, in Utah , in the U.S. , which has lingered for 80,000,000 YEARS ! Right here , in Brazil , there is a baobab in Paqueta , Rio de Janeiro , which has 450 years! And , in the Amazon rainforest , there is a jequitibá that is 3000 years old ! You can tell me why a tree , a turtle , a jellyfish dies and you , man, must die ? HAS NO , NO! Dying today is choice. Neuroscience has shown that , using the mind , we can change our DNA and thus alter the limits of life . This is being done ! And yet, we created the Personal Reprogramming as a technique that allows person will contact her and Interior : a - change their cellular structure , so they do not die , do not get old and do not stop to play and especially not develop into cancer cells , usually by continuing to reproduce indefinitely . Scientifically speaking it is perfectly possible and Interior can take care of it . The technology already exists , it is being used by people FIFTY YEARS AGO . Many of the people who frequent this blog use this technology . You can use if you want to stay alive as long as you feel you should ( because there are freaks who prefer to die , believe me! - Then , of course , die . I 'm 70 years old and live as if it had 30 - exactly the age I stopped eating junk , living social, since I stopped being an idiot suicide . The people around me , my age and younger , many VERY young , have died because they would not use the Personal Reprogramming . Those who accept and use , still alive and appear to be younger than the young people around you , at least LIVE and young, have no " old diseases " such as high blood pressure, rheumatism , arthritis, osteoarthritis , diabetes , obesity , loss of muscles , bone loss , loss of movement and agility, etc. . etc. . I HAVE NOTHING THAT ! Run , do weight training, produce wealth , LIVE ! Please friend us this blog - and everywhere , do not let slowly die . Death sucks. To say the least . Do not die . Now, what kind of life you have, it is not my student active ( not worth also to those who have studied with me and went , the RP is like weight training , you can not get in and out because it comes back to life before) if you are " like everyone else " actually is slowly dying , has over 12 years ... ( the gym talking about 35 , 55 others ... ) but the truth is the Poet " from the moment we are born we are beginning to die ... but only with people who live like you who are not reprogram ! And when not to die , ever thought how wonderful you watch the incredible inventions to come around, amazing things will happen and you will enter them ! The people I talked about above did not know some things that you know , such as mobile Internet access with touch screen , some I met who have died or experienced the internet ! Meanwhile composed 20,000 songs ( that are being placed on the network , there are already 2500 by www.i - wrote more than 400 books ( 373 are at www.i - ) I'm the only guy who created a art theory ( Formats ) , who created his own musical theory ( Real Music ) , based on reality, created a bride own unique way of playing ( Future Music ) , created a new kind of painting ( oil on slot pirografado ) a new type of sculpture ( Refazentes ) one and done things that you can not imagine and do not tell lies on this blog ! And this at a time of life when many contemporaries were already in nursing homes or playing cards with starches in the square or thrown by the descendants of the funds in closets ... If you are one of these , get out there and will be young again , with me ! And you're young , stop getting older and a valid use for the money you earn , use it to stop dying , is the best investment of your life! Please do not continue going to die , - anyone back from the dead ... not really, no one I know has returned! ( That stuff ridiculous film Gosht a " spirit " speaking " through " the actress , and also the ridiculous movie " Sixth Sense ," in which the boy with a " dead" walking the streets or ridicule of the ridiculous TV soap opera where a scoundrel who helped the girl to die of cancer (more a conditioning of death on TV ) , " talks" to the "spirit " of it " through" the " medium " and not to be ridiculous ( as indeed is ) , the scene replaces the actress who plays the " medium " for the actress who did the girl who died (with wedding dress and all : it is woven into the astral or " imagination of the spirit?" - would be correct if she " returned " naked , it would be even more erotic, but the wedding dress? now , do me a favor ! ) - worst Soó Patrick Swayze (who have even died young of cancer and not " returned " ... [ die screen appears that conditions the artist and he dies , even as he did it and Monina movie " Exorcism " and most other film ... ] ) in place of Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore dating him ... a farmyard that not a movie to kiss Demi Moore Whoopi ... even in real life . Cool, 'Well , I never saw it in a yard ... how romantic is bad , corny as reality and a tragedy , because it encourages people to die and do not care about the death ( especially now that we know we do not have to die , it is dirty , if not murder itself) making people relax with life , making themselves sick , dying , with the promise that stupid " again "ee that" remain alive " ... after finishing ! - something impossible, easily perceived by those who have no worm in the head ... ) Spirit is impossible because it neither objective reality exists , the more " astral planes " and " heavens ! ... scientifically delirium, hallucination , fantasy or even caused by the fear of death , or stupidity , pure and simple . For the extremely complicated mental processes happen , we need the complex brain system , which now began to know slightly , with neuroscience , which processes the 'spirit ' can not have ! If there was a " heaven" would be too full , because since our civilization began , about 11,000 years ago , must have died , some 70 billion people , and the astral plane there must be jammed , and, moreover , if they reincarnated , would have clogged the earth , that today " only " has 10 % of it .. where are the others? ! ! Do not like the people I tried to save , relatives , friends , students and died for no reason ! Do not let this happen to you in simple conditioning and inability to take the new ... will reprogram your life and really live ! It is not religion, nor esoteric , or mysticism is TECHNOLOGY ! - Street Beniamino Gigli , 116 , Campo Grande , Rio de Janeiro , Saturday , 19h , with music , art , and beauty - Personal Reprogramming . Playing with the famous dedetizadora , " is a little more expensive , but it is much better " ... to live a life crap and die ! Google Tradutor para empresas:Google Toolkit de tradução para appsTradutor de sitesGlobal Market Finder Desativar tradução instantâneaSobre o Google TradutorCelularPrivacidadeAjudaEnviar feedback

sexta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2013

Not opinion

One of the most interesting things happen when I divulge the reality and the person replies with the famous " that's your opinion , but I respect " ... I think it was Celia who, for a few hours , put something in a comment I made , about reality . No, not my opinion . Nothing that teaching is my opinion . Scientific realities , physical , mathematical , not opinions . Are realities . Two plus two is actually four , not opinion. The sum of the squares of the legs equals the square of the hypotenuse is fact, not opinion. E- MC2 is a scientific fact proven during an eclipse in 1920 , including in Brazil . But it would not be necessary to prove in order to objectively prove that reality does not exist with the formula E = MC2 . E means energy, M is mass , C2 is the square of the speed of light . Then M = E: C2 . C2 is the square of the speed of light is 300,000 miles per second. OR C2 = 300,000 km per second . And second mile , space and time, speed . Speed ​​, space and time are NOT physical realities , inner perceptions are just human , though unconsciously react to space and time , animals do not perceive space and time . You go to the corner to buy bread and turn your dog behaves as if you had gone to the moon . If time and space are not physical realities , such as a chair or a stilt , space and time do not exist . As mass equals energy divided by time and space, we have : M = E: C2 = 0 In other words , the mass does not exist. The matter does not exist . Neither the time nor the space . Time, matter and space do not exist . So Einstein wrote " objective reality does not exist" - which , translated into simple language in May , means " the world you off you , with people , animals and things , THERE . This is NOT my opinion , is a SCIENTIFIC FACT . And scientific analysis made ​​above is Danken experiment or experiment , logical , rational proof , mental . Not opinion and does not accept argument. You may find the law of gravity bullshit , but if skipping the central span of the bridge Rio-Niterói will die , except to put a parachute ... Do you not understand or accept it does not change the fact that the scientific data . And rationally understood , above. I know it is difficult for the common man to understand it, but that does not change the fact that this is reality. You look at the world and see it from the outside of your awareness does not mean that there really is a world absolute , independent of you , outside and really there . This is reality, not opinion. Opinion is : " to spend 5 of raw material to make a slipper and labor costs over 5 . When the manufacturer charges more than 10 it is ' more valia'e constitutes theft , then the entrepreneur is the explorer 's hand work and therefore should be eliminated from the economic process . " THATS opinion, has no explanation and has absolutely scientific basis . But is the economic basis of Marxism taught today in schools of economics , most Marxists worldwide . Why is belief ? Why is not based on real facts . Marx " forgets" that the businessman had to invest their money in the purchase of raw material, have bought the machines that make the slipper , leased or purchased will be made where the slipper , and have had the idea of making the slipper , organized the manufacturing process , paid the employee , etc. . Besides having run the risk of having your money invested in the manufacture of slippers without assurances that receive money back . Why would you do this without making the " added value " ? But the idiot ( or creep ) of Marx , slayer of wives and daughters providers , said the solution would be easy , just put the "means of production" in the hand of the state , who would become the major global entrepreneur . And this was done in Russia in 1917 and took a huge shit . Killed over 60 million people , millions of hungry to prove it does not work so WHY HAS NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS AND NEITHER LOGICAL , NOT RATIONAL . This, indeed , was OPINION Marx . But of course, "helping the poor workers ," and " destroy the monstrous entrepreneurs explorers is emotionally interesting, and thought provoking , a young fool can perfectly understand it as their mission . And so many died and are still dying and more will die . Each drifter who kills a passerby in the streets of Rio , is the result of this stupidity because he learned , in the press , you have to recover the money from the " bourgeois " who stole it because he poor fault , the bourgeois and not because they studied and worked not necessary. All because some idiot wrote reams that SEEM to be scientific , but it is just opinion. Say that praying to some invisible entity is something one can view . Saying that Flamengo is better than Botafogo 's opinion. But to say that objective reality does not exist and that each one lives in his parallel universe , which is controlled by its interior , it is scientific fact , not opinion. Can not conform their conditions or as THEIR opinions , but NOT my opinion, is the reality . You like it or not . And believe me, to live against reality is pure suicide, can not be different . Both the majority (no, not all) DIE . Studying the human brain neuroscience discovered that the brain simply can not afford to see an objective reality ( ie the world you think is real) , then creates his world, his " goal paradigm " or his " personal parallel universe ." This is NOT my opinion , is a SCIENTIFIC DATA ! Based on these facts , I have tried to teach it is obvious that if each person living in your personal universe parallel, its interior that controls its exterior , the simple fact that the Interior (as Pribham and Bohom , 1985) creates your outer world . This is NOT opinion, but scientific reality ) . If your contatarmos Interior , and convinced to alter reality as we wish , we can change ( reprogram ) the world in which we live . My brother Dr. Augusto Gomes de Matos was a great researcher of hypnosis and learned that he can " talk" to the Interior ( Freudian talking about his " unconscious " ) and this can unconsciously change reality . My niece Dr. Lydia Maria Gomes de Matos , a participant in this blog ( the face is a blogging platform ! ) Makes miseries with hypnosis in his office in Rio and in his lectures and presentations . There are a many of his photos of a patient , as a board stretched between two chairs, leaning against the neck and foot , seemingly impossible , but she does it every day . Only an idiot can say today that hypnosis is personal opinion , because today is accepted technique in medicine and psychology . What I did was to adapt the concepts of hypnosis to concepts of philosophy and computer science - and created a technique that makes the student ( at Personal Reprogramming no patient , the technique is didactic ) himself talking to her unconscious and not agent, who is in hypnosis the hypnotist . I am the Reprogramador , the person who induces , as a teacher , the student didactically , not an unconscious sleep when I talk om the unconscious of him, but so it still conscious and he even talk to your interior , using myself as a kind of psychological bridge (or transensorial or " parapsychological " ) between him , as a conscious and himself as being unconscious , Interior. Simply put , the student , the technique is put into a special state where you can chat with your interior and so persuade him to change reality . My brother , Dr. Augusto once had a patient that came to psychological problems . At query time , the client does not show up. Before the query time is over, he received a phone call and her doctor said she had an accident and could not come to the office . Was bedridden beside him . personal physician , and had asked him to Augusto ligase and he did . Giving a snap , Augusto asked if she could be hypnotized in the state it was in and the doctor agreed . He hypnotized by phone and induced her to heal quickly , soon . The doctor was dumbfounded pains that would take days to finish , completed on time and recovery would take months , just a week. I knew that, and from there developed a technique that could be used without the student nor I was patient and agent. It was necessary for him to keep himself awake to talk to your unconscious ( sofia 's paradox shows that the interior is much more complex than that, the interior is the EPI , the SUT , etc. . ) And he even convinced her to Interior change dirty reality , not just curing diseases , but changing what was needed in the world of the student . Development conditions for this, but it demanded that the reprogramador , the professor who leads the student to reprogram yourself , needed to have developed a certain personal characteristics that go beyond a post to the social network and can not be described here . And not describe it publicly , is trade secret and confidentiality , but is described in the program that is registered with the INPI as " Personal Reprogramming " logo is cool and owner . So Reprogramming created the Personal and the VMAs . Registered brand and technical books written about , am holistic psychotherapist syndicated what gives me the legal right to exercise the profession and to reprogram . This is all perfectly logical scientific and not opinion. The Personal Reprogramming is a technique spectacular that has saved the lives of many people and can solve most problems of all people . Because Personal Reprogramming is not a medical or healing technique of psychological healing . It is a technique to exercise CONTROL OF LIFE , the manipulation of reality . A technique for when in danger , crisis, and be used to end the danger and crisis , whatever . One technique to give events , to what is happening to you , the way you want it to be given, including business , marital life , love , people in general. Prevent and control the interferences that lead to accidents , disease , and death . It is the most important thing that happened to humans today. No, not opinion. It is scientific fact . Google Tradutor para empresas:Google Toolkit de tradução para apps

I had 135 pounds

I had 135 pounds but had no volume , no one noticed . Then , only RP lost 45.Como ? turning fat into muscles slowly . I'm still on this (see my photos, I am strong , big, but not fat, although there is still belly. ) The transformation of fat into muscles is taking about 20 years , but it is efficient. Not seesaw . And usually the skin back with LOTS of abdominal bicycle. That the "problem " to lose weight logically , have to run , do aerobics and weight training . For decades , going to the gym every night , run three kilometers every night , use home appliances . Weight still much , but my fat index today is 17 % less than that of my wife, who is thin , and has 25 % . I understand that. Make muscles , changing the fat you said that has yet to lose in these new muscles and not back . Can believe . And , slowly , back to the well . My back and what remains will come back too . Remember that weight is mental and not physical . If there is not a great job MENTAL ( not necessarily psychological but transensorial ) does not work . I tell you this because it would disappoint you , but I met many people who did the operation and then the stomach swelled again and the person has won all over again , because the interior was not working . It is essential to mental work or back again. Think about it . All my relatives who wish to work with me are always welcome , but will be treated as all my students in terms of reality transensorial . You too. Read my posts , you can serve for something . Please and try to understand what is there . You got a lot medically , Agara need to work the INSIDE . If not , back everything . I knew you before and I had a hard time recognizing . Please keep it but have to RESET . Or will lose everything again. Investigate and see how I am right . No, my job is not the craziness of his uncle , there are a lot of people who are alive because of my job . Already, my relatives who did not listen and did not accept my work all died . This moved me , and your post did not restrain myself . Please work the interior , you do not want to lose everything after . Dig? Sorry to intrude and public scrutiny , but this review can help more people . Do nothing , just use what I said , please. I know what I'm talking about , I'm alive , at 70 , pressure 10/4 , great cholesterol , all clinking only thanks to my work . When I heard the conventional , was addicted to sugar refined carbohydrates in general, white rice , fat , and was dying . Had diabetes, heart disease , gastritis , ulcer , cancer ( three) and survived at my expense . I changed my diet, I learned to reprogram ( and teaching it to others , for money of course! ) And live as if it had 20 years. I have a big belly because lordosis and this is my biotype , Lydia Maria , my father the Gomes de Matos has this biotype . Skinny , but I 'll never be ordinary . And clearly feasible . 'm Big muscles . If you keep eating like eating at home at the time I was there, if it does not work , do not do aerobics and bodybuilding , if not drastically change the diet, you will regain all, with or without operation. This reality . The rest is conversation . Forgive me, but this talk was just for love, you know? To my way of course. These photos have little more than a month - I'm different now . More and more waist chest and shoulder. Works . I look like an old man of 70 years? Answer : NO!

Affective state

Affective state : state : physical location and specific personal . Affective : on the communication between two beings . Emotion: affective state that comes from outside and moves you , and - motorcycle driven by something outside - a situation that dominates and enslaves you and acts on you , necessarily in a negative way because it is against their individuality - there is no " positive emotions " all are harmful and engag . Emotion is a feature animal so that the animal escape or attack. Adrenaline is the main hormone that state. Shit ... The greatest popularizer sound of " emotions " - holding the microphone arm and all of blue , brown is the enemy and writers - of freedom : freedom emotive hate ... because freedom is against the thrill ! ( I remember this guy in the early 1960s, I was a shopkeeper House Neno and this guy [ who is not me ... ] , the program 's Carlos Imperial , also in black and white , live - not had vido tape - giving a resounding Quarrel in the set scene, and Carlos Imperial , as always trickster, teaching - " oh, man is not around ... so he learned and from there to the lands of gentle maids of studios - his general public - and it worked ! ) Feeling: affective state that comes from within , produced by himself , and only willingly ( and ALWAYS emotion is involuntary , it arrives dominates you and you lose , always - all the murders and wickedness are made emotionally , no way - by that the collective and based on emotion ... ) . The feeling puts you in power and necessarily you control the situation . [ Why do people prefer the excitement ? Just because they have to be in charge of heating the heads . Because most prefer to elect " representatives " of "the people " ? Why , take own responsibility dirty is hard work gives ... It's easier to stop acting " mandate " , less work and you do not have to work , gives shit ever, but what you can do : So it's easier than being employed entrepreneur, but thankfully this is changing . For example , the great problem of MST is that each "sitting " becomes an entrepreneur in a minute , you can not have a land productive without becoming an entrepreneur and thus ceases to be the seated social and happens to be a conservative . .. was well worldwide , in Soviet Russia had to kill 20 million peasants - and so came the great famine of 1920 that was saved by charities conservative American ... is life ! ) All scallywag provokes emotion in you to dominate you and make you act in their favor : vote , pay tithing , buy trifles , love them ( relatives , etc. - a process often unconscious animal - or almost - but it's always so! ) I am a teacher, a professional , my work is commercial , though it should not be for you ( you can not buy your Interior) want you to develop feelings that part of reasoning and logic. Emotional does not pay me , pay the venal priest , the politician , the marketer , etc. . Most rogues that thrills you to take something you no return . I am a professional and therefore stop . Incidentally , as you , if you are not one of those leeching . If it works , as I suppose , should charge for your work is not ? I also IlCorto . Only I do it openly . Publicly . Do not you mistake. Remember: I am not left ( do not want to end it all and go live picking coconuts , love and cellular medicine ! ) And I'm not right (not always want to keep everything the same, change everything forever! Not want everything as it is , I love things new , as new gadjets ) am the champion of human - not animal - and defender of logic and reasoning . I am for you , free individual . Especially if my student . Because , if not today, in the present circumstances ... lost uncle ... ! And you ?